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Best Advanced Estate Planning Attorney In Irvine, CA

Advanced Estate Planning

Rehmani & Associates attorneys are among the best Estate Planning attorneys that provide services in Irvine, CA and the surrounding areas out of its office in Tustin. Our attorneys and the entire staff at Rehmani & Associates are dedicated to providing you with quality estate planning services.

If you are looking for information regarding basic estate planning services please visit the link here: Estate Planning

What is Advanced Estate Planning?

Advanced Estate Planning is the use of legal means that are designed to bring about the best tax benefits for high net worth families. The size and details of your estate will determine if Advanced Estate Planning is necessary for your assets. If you have dedicated your life to making good financial decisions, it is important to ensure that your estate is well taken care of upon your death and that your loved ones can avoid paying large taxes on your estate. It is vital to plan ahead so that you have the ability to leave the maximum inheritance to your family and loved ones as possible.

Advanced Estate Planning often involves some type of a trust. A trust is a legal document that provides for the transferring of a person’s property before and after their death. In simplified terms, there are four major parts that compromise a legal trust. The first part is that the grantor sets up the trust, the second part is that the trustee or successor trustee is responsible for carrying on the orders of the trust document, the third part is the property in the trust, and the fourth part in the beneficiaries of the trust. Our firm will consult with you to determine if a trust is the right choice for your estate and if so, what type of trusts will yield the largest benefits.

Strategies to Limit Tax Liability:

There are many strategies to minimize tax liability for large estates such as:

Working with the Best Estate Planning Attorney in Irvine

A person who is seeking the best representation for Advanced Estate Planning services near Irvine needs to work with attorneys who are experienced and well versed in the field. In addition, a big motivation for this service is asset protection. Therefore, even a minor mistake can lead to large expenses. Our firms’ years of experience, attention to detail, and knowledge in the field will insure that your estate is protected for future generations to come.