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How much Does Estate Planning Cost in Orange County, CA

How much does an Estate Plan Cost in the Orange County Area? A question many people try to find an answer to, however, finding the exact amount on law firm websites such as this one is difficult, because there are many factors that must be taken into consideration when creating an Estate Plan. 

At Rehmani & Associates we firmly believe that Estate planning is essential and should be available to everyone, which is why we have maintained our pricing very competitive in comparison to other firms in Orange County, CA.  

Our Estate Plans typically range between $2,000 – $4,000. Why does the number vary so much? Well, there are many factors to consider, for example, is it for a single person or a couple, how many homes do you own, how many children do you have and with how many relationships, do you have a special needs child that needs a Special Needs Trust, etc.? You may be able to find pricing lower than ours, however, we sincerely believe that we are providing you with much more value than what we are charging in comparison to most other firms at our price range near Orange County, CA. For a specific quote please contact us by either calling our office (949) 202-1424 or completing our online form: 

Many law firms withhold their quotes until after you’ve invested significant time in consultations and questionnaires. This tactic, as our past clients have shared, can make you feel almost obligated to use their services to avoid starting over, even if you’re not fully satisfied. At Rehmani & Associates, we take a different approach. We believe in transparency and efficiency. With just a few questions, we’re able to provide quotes to 95% of our clients within a 5-minute conversation, whether it’s over the phone or via email.

What Questions Should I ask my Orange County Estate Planning Attorney? 

  1. Are they charging me a flat fee or hourly? 
  1. What is the attorneys Estate Planning Experience? 
  1. How will updating my Estate Plan be handled? 
  1. How long will it take to complete my Estate Planning Project? 
  1. Will you go over all estate plan documents before the documents are executed? 
  1. If I need assistance when you’re not available whom should I contact? 
  1. What is included in the estate plan? 
  1. Does the firm also practice Probate? 

Now that I have Multiple Estate planning quotes how do I make my selection? 

Quality service and expertise is honestly not something we recommend be shopped for based on price alone. Although our pricing is competitive, looking for a good law firm whom you are comfortable with is like finding a good doctor, or CPA and looking for one at the lowest cost does not always work out.  

Be wary of Online Estate Planning DIY Forms 

Unfortunately, Estate plan documents are not created equally which is why pricing varies greatly, which is why most online tools are insufficient in assisting with the creation of these estate planning documents.  

Example 1: A 40-year-old couple with a home in Orange County, CA with one 5-year-old child will want to create an estate plan that focuses on maximizing financial security and guardianship in case they pass away before their child becomes an adult.  

Example 2: A wealthy 55-year-old couple with children from another relationship, a residence in Irvine, CA and a vacation home in Lake Arrowhead, CA will want a plan that focuses on the management of their wealth, and the family dynamics. 

As you can see, the above are two completely different scenarios that online cookie cutter tools simply cannot tailor for.  

Because these online tools do not do a good job drafting documents, we have helped many clients resolve issues that have arisen because of these poorly designed documents created online. 

What is included in an Estate Plan created by Rehmani & Associates?  

Our Estate Plans packages which are created in Orange County typically include the following: 

  1. Pour-Over-Will 
  1. Revocable living Trust 
  1. Durable Power of Attorney 
  1. Living Will 
  1. Deed Transfer* 
  1. Certification of Trust 
  1. Advanced Healthcare Directive 
  1. Postnuptial Agreement 
  1. Nomination of Guardians 

What is Not Included in Our Estate Planning flat fee 

At Rehmani and Associates, we want to be as transparent as possible with regards to costs and fees associated with creating an Estate Plan, so that you do not get a surprise bill. Below are some of those costs that are beyond the Estate Planning Flat Fee, which we will go into more detail so that you will have an understanding when you contact us. 

Recording of Deeds 

Upon executing your estate plan documents, the next step is to fund your Trust. Our firm will prepare a transfer deed(s) that transfers your real property(ies) from your individual names to the Trust. You will have to record this deed transfer with the Secretary of State to officiate the transfer – this is part of what we call “Funding Your Trust”. Recording your real estate documents is part of funding your trust, for which it is the client’s full responsibility to complete. While the flat fee includes the creation of the transfer deed document, our flat fee does not include the recording of any deeds. The reason is that the cost varies from county to county and any home that is not your primary residence is subject to a $75 SB2 fee set by the state of California. In addition, there are other 3rd party fees that may be associated with this depending on the area where you are establishing your Estate Plan. 

Toward the end of the creation of your estate plan documents we provide all our clients with the option to either do the recording of the deed themselves with included step-by-step instruction, or we offer our services in completing it for the client at our standard hourly rates. Clients are responsible for any 3rd party costs associated with the filing of the deeds. 

Recorder fee Costs – Example Scenario: 

A couple living in Orange County are looking for an Estate Planning Attorney near Irvine, CA where their primary residence is located; but they also own a rental home in Los Angeles.  

The cost for this is around $750* mainly for the recorder fees and other 3rd party costs set by each county. Unfortunately, non-primary residence recordation rates are considerably higher than those of primary residences alone. 

Other Costs: 

We will request a general retainer for costs associated with the creation of your legal documents which is typically around $150*, this cost is beyond the Flat fee.  

*These costs are estimates and are subject to change at any time. To receive a quote that is closer to your needs please contact us at (949) 202-1424 or complete the form here:  

Note: If you belong to a legal insurance plan such as MetLife or ARAG, contact your plan provider for information regarding individual benefits.  

I Want to Move Forward with Rehmani & Associates and the Creation of My Estate Planning Documents in Orange County. 

At Rehmani & Associates, we know that your time is valuable, so we have a streamlined two-step process to receive a quote and schedule a meeting with the attorney.  

Step 1:  

Contact the firm either via phone, or complete the following form:  

Step 2:  

Depending on the method for contacting the firm we will ask you a few questions and will be able to provide you with a quote.  

If you are satisfied with the quote, we will go ahead and schedule a time for you to speak with the attorney.  

Prior to the consultation you should complete an Estate Plan questionnaire.  

We will also provide you with our fee agreement prior to the consultation to give you time to review it and ask questions during the time of your free initial consultation. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the fees or costs, please feel free to contact the firm.